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What is Stringr?

Stringr is a video platform that allows customers to source, edit, publish and monetize video. Stringr has more than 100,000 videographers who respond to custom video requests in near real time. Drop a pin on a map and ask for the video you want. From there, access a full suite of video capabilities that take you from concept, to creation to making money.

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About us

Stringr was started by two friends – one a former news producer and the other a product manager and consultant who started his first company in high school. Lindsay Stewart spent over 10 years in TV news producing segments for ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News and Bloomberg, among others. That’s when the idea for Stringr came to her. Brian McNeill spent over 15 years in product management and management consulting which are fancy words for – he’s a business guy. Brian had the idea for his first company in high school and launched SureSize shortly after that. 15 years of big company experience made him yearn to go back to building a company from scratch.

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